Jumat, 21 November 2008

Foto seksi Rahma Azhari

Rahma Azhari bugil

Rahma Azhari telanjang

Memek Rahma Azhari

Pepek Rahma Azhari

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Foto Gambar Mesum Rahma Azhari

Rahma Azhari photo circulated in the Mesum site, Really the photo sexy with tanpa BH and tanpa Busana, Along with this was the quotation from the site of the news Rahma Azhari, the photograph of the famous model in Indonesia became Photograph casualties in the internet.
Photographs half of the naked him circulated from milis to milis. Really the woman in this photo of Rahma? DetikHot, tried to contact the section's woman through his mobile phone.
On the end of the telephone, canned be heard the voice that really was similar to Rahma.
However evidently, according to the owner of the voice, he was Ani, the assistant Rahma.
Was said Ani, has had several medias that tried confirmation of the matter of this photograph.
"As far as this is concerned, Rahma regarded that the engineering," said Ani, on Wednesday (7/2/2007) to detikhot Through Ani, Rahma also sent his message.
The brother Sarah Azhari will prosecute all the good sides the print media, infotainment or the quite deliberate internet spread these naked photographs "Already consultations to the lawyer, he said could be demanded, there were his articles," said Ani that forgot to what is the name of the lawyer Rahma.
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